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All activities promoted must fall within the scope and guidelines of reputable breed activities and services.  Wholesaling of puppies, adults or other animals or other activities related to commercial kennels is not sanctioned nor allowed.  Any ad found to be advocating or promoting Commercial kennels or anything other than responsible pet ownership will be pulled and no refund given.

The webmaster will bring any ads suspected of being of this nature to the Board of Directors for discussion.

1)   To be included in member links you must:
- be a member in good standing
- be willing to field information calls for your breed or activity

If you have a breed specific web page of yours that you want included I need the following information:

Your Name
BreedURL: http://www_____________________________

2)    To have a member pet product specific web site linked you must:
- be a member in good standing
       - pay an annual fee of $10.00 in addition to membership

If you have a pet product specific web site to be included, I need
Your name & billing address
URL:  http://www_________________________________________

3)    To have a non-member pet product/activity specific web site linked you must:
- Pay an annual fee of $35.00

Billing name and address
URL: http://www_________________________________________

Questions: contact         Diana McCarty  (763)682-4699